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Printed Photographs never dies.

Indeed I believe it is the end of a circle, of a story.
Moreover, a story must be remembered from start to finish.

We are now in an era where everything is online. Everything is digital. The photos remain on the phone or the PC without being taken or relived. Our pc and telephone took the place of the drawers, but in any case, they ended up on the back burner.

I remember, as a child during the holidays, my mom shot us every second. When the holiday was over, she took the camera rolls to the photographer. After about a week, the pictures were ready. The following weeks we spent hours attaching all the photos to the album. It was a family tradition. It was a moment of union in which there was talk of the experience just lived.

Thanks to printed photos, we had the opportunity to know who was no longer there, we saw their faces, knew their story through the memories of those who told.

Photography has this excellent task: it gives us back moments that, if they had not been stopped in that “click”, they would have been completely lost.
We all felt the need to browse our albums on the phone / pc and to relive a moment of our life, happy or sad it may be.

I love calling printed photographs “tangible memories”.

When the family comes together, I love giving photo albums.
At that moment, photography makes people talk about themselves. The photo must be touched and “listened”, must be passed from hand to hand, inserted in a souvenir album, in the wallet or framed and hang at home.
Just like with my family, also for my clients, I wanted to create something unique to ensure that every trip is relived every time.

Photographs are priceless treasures, and for this reason, they must be kept as jewels. There is much research in our wooden boxes; the photos are attached one by one by Antonio and me on an elegant linen album. Our albums are like those of yesteryear with photos printed and glued one by one.
All this to make you excited, review again and not end your most beautiful emotions in the oblivion.


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