Some holidays or romantic getaways are too precious to be left in the hands of other tourists who fumble with the selfie of the camera or mobile phone.

Indeed, most holidays are too important for this treatment.

Taking the photographer with you for the whole trip, enjoying breathtaking places. Making new friends, losing yourself in exciting places. Savoring new foods.

Moreover, all this will not end in oblivion.


We will be there to capture every moment.

Let me document your travels.

Sit down.
Take it easy.
Enjoy the moment.

I will be there to capture your extraordinary adventure. You will get the entire album online and printed to share and show your friends and full access to photos to review the best moments of your trip at any time.

Foto di famiglia, Isola Madre, Capture my Travel

Would it seem strange to hire a photographer to capture you on vacation?

Think about how often you review your photos after a day of sightseeing to find the shots you made pretty enough to share on social.

Instead, with us, with the coverage of the entire trip, you will have extraordinary images ready to be finally printed and shared on your favorite social networks: your holiday, your life, your adventure. I talk about it better in this article.

You will never lose a fleeting glance, the light on your face when your partner shakes your hand, the sparkle of the sun on the waves, or the pure beauty of a sunset. We will be ready to capture your memories as you explore a new corner of the world.

These sessions are as unique as the trip you are planning: we will have to work together to coordinate your vacation and what you want from your travel photography.

Do you need a private photographer for your next trip? Our base is on Lake Maggiore in Italy, but we will travel everywhere.

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