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Traveling alone is becoming a real fashion lately… especially among us women! It is the trend of the last few years and is called Female solo travel, the solo travel for women.

Traveling alone gives you a freedom that only those who have truly traveled alone can understand and above all it is a real-life experience; also a “liberating” experience. You have more freedom to choose where and when to go and it can often be cheaper too

But there is a compromise …. who takes the pictures?

If you’re taking a solo vacation, you may feel uncomfortable asking others to take pictures of you and then recur to using a selfie stick or self-timer mode to capture the moments. Because you know, we live in an era where if there is no image, one might wonder … did it happen?

But how do we capture those memories as if we were traveling with other people? Even in the modern selfie craze, we can’t always capture the true essence of actually being somewhere, unless we sacrifice ourselves in the photo.

Luckily, traveling alone no longer means having to compromise to take great photos – you can do it all by yourself.

There are several ways to get around the famous phone selfies
1) Take a tripod with you
2) Learn to use your camera
3) Plan in advance where you want to take the photos, with what background, and at what time …

And if you want to relax, not waste time and above all be sure that the photos will be natural? … well! Call a personal photographer…. even better if he’s a local and knows the best places to take pictures!

Having a personal photographer will not only give you the opportunity to see the best places in the place, but you will also have crazy photos that you will keep for years to come … but there’s more!

You will make new friends, and get to know the local culture and traditions. Why is this the very essence of travel … or not?
that’s what happened with Nicole. A Female Solo Travel who left Ohio to visit Italy. Nicole is a health coach who deals with education and promotion of a correct lifestyle with the aim of both improving the well-being of individuals and facilitating the achievement of their goals. Nicole was looking for not only vacation photographs but also photos she could use to advertise her brand. What I organized for her was a personalized experience based on her needs.

We met at the hotel where she was staying and we were together for a couple of hours.

They were two hours not only of shots but of real knowledge of their respective cultures and what came out is a true friendship that we will both keep for years to come.


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