What is a

Our courses start from the experience accumulated during our photographic trips. We are two young travellers, and thanks to our work, we are fortunate to collect many images around the world. The camera is transformed, from a simple travel companion to the main reason in choosing a destination. It starts with the reflex in the suitcase, to capture colours, movements and emotions to take with you home and to share.

Photography expeditions is a”special interest holidays”. They are a form of vacation created starting from a particular and very specific interest, such as in this case photography.

#1 Photo Travel

Discover the most spectacular destinations in the world through Nisida Photo Expeditions. Each travel itinerary is studied in detail. During the photographic journey, you will be continuously supported by a professional photographer, who will allow you to learn notions and tricks, directly on the field. During the experience, which lasts on average from 7 to 25 days, you will get to know new people, who share the same passion with you and take pictures in peace, taking the time necessary to enjoy incredible natural spectacles fully.

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#2 Workshop

In addition to photographic trips, we also organize workshops: short and training courses lasting two, three or four days. Finding ourselves immersed in nature and enjoying new breathtaking landscapes is our philosophy of life. The Nisida’s Workshops offer all the necessary knowledge to approach and deepen landscape photography, organized in extraordinary locations, choosing the periods based on the best conditions for photography. Do you want to participate too and live an educational experience in a fantastic area?

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#3 Photo Day

Photo Days are daily photographic experiences, in which you dedicate yourself to a single shooting session (for example, sunset or night photography). The Photo Day photography courses are “photographic excursions” that takes place from morning until evening with various photographic ideas. Live a day out with us to discover all the secrets of photography!

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