Our Personal Branding service is a story, the story of you, your world, your efforts and your dreams. Personal Branding is the showcase of your business, in which you show who you are, what you do and how you do it, it is sewing on you like an haute couture garment.

“Good visual communication can prove to be a great way to make yourself known to your audience and customers, and thus foster a relationship of trust.” We will guide you and show the best part of you through the lens.

What is for it?

  • profile pictures/cover photos for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram;
  • professional stock photos of moments of your work or backstage to use for posts, updates, promotions, stories, articles, interviews, brochures;
  • lifestyle reportage to reach your target more closely;
  • still-life photos to promote your products;
  • portraits of your staff to communicate the reliability and professionalism of your service and the importance of team-working;
  • strategic images for your website.
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For who is it?

Freelancers, small entrepreneurs, companies, agencies if:

  • you want to renew your image online;
  • you want to promote yourself through social networks, and you don’t have photographs and videos that enhance your PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY;
  • you have just opened the business, and you want to focus on visual COMMUNICATION;

Tell us your story! Photography helps to show who you are and allows customers to get to know you: it’s a way to connect with your customers on a deeper level and create an affinity that goes beyond your brand. It is essential that this story is always genuine, without any forcing and be first of all yourself: this will be your winning weapon.

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How does it work?

The first step is to fill in a questionnaire that we will send you better to define your requests and the uniqueness of your service. Before setting the photo session, we will agree on an hour of consultation (in person or by phone) in which the communication purposes, the location, the clothes to wear, the objects to bring are discussed and agreed. Based on these, you choose the colours and mood that will characterize the line of your image.

The photographic shooting will take place on a date agreed together, in a span of about 4 hours. Time is not preset because everyone reacts differently to the camera, and there is always an imponderable fact when it is created. The places (generally an interior and an exterior) will have been predetermined at the time, based on the relevance, availability and light factor that changes
with the seasons and with the mood you want to give to the photographic story.

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