Have you ever wondered how people look so beautiful and natural in their photos?

Instead, you are among those who are losing sleep five nights before your photoshoot because you are worried about not getting well, not being comfortable. You are not the only person. I confess that it is for everyone this way, and it is also for me despite being a photographer, and I should be used to it. I remember nervously fixing my shirt twenty thousand times, tucking in and tucking my hair behind my ear, and feeling stressed when I was in front of the camera for the first time.
So, I decided to turn the medal over and share my secrets and tips to look more beautiful and natural during a photoshoot.
The secret? It is not a question of looks.

Tip # 1

You are perfect as you are.

You don’t have to look like your friends. You don’t have to look like couples in wedding magazines or even like your favourite fashion blogger. My goal will be to bring out the best part of you: your personality, your story is all so unique. The goal is to shine in the photos fully. Once you have abandoned the need to look perfect, you will be able to be fully yourself. When you concentrate wholeheartedly and decide to have fun, everything will happen naturally and believe me; you will LOVE the result.

That is the most important advice!


Tip # 2

Wear something you feel comfortable.

It is one of the tips I give more before shooting. 


Because when we decide to pamper ourselves and wear our favourite outfit, we have already removed many fears from our head.

If clothes aren’t your thing, don’t wear one. Jeans and t-shirts can be one of the most captivating looks. If you don’t like tuxedo suits, don’t wear one.

Put on your favourite dress; something that makes you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable with what you wear, it will see in the photos!

-> P.S. There is nothing worse than a dress that keeps falling out or needs constant repairs. Wear something comfortable that allows you to move

Tip # 3

Choose the right photographer.

A good photographer will be able to make you feel comfortable during the session. It will fix your hair, make you laugh, give you smart tips to make you laugh – and overall, it will be one of the main factors that will tell your story. 

Look at the portfolio; it has to carry you. Look at the style of the shots, the colours chose, (black-white too), post-production style. Everything tells a lot about the photographer and its tastes. You must like everything; you have to find yourself inside his shots and dream of being there.

Do not choose the cheapest photographer, choose the photographer who will take photos that you will appreciate forever. Photos that you will carry out of an old box from under the bed to show your grandchildren. Photos that will last forever. Stop to imagine yourself in 20 years; how do you think you will remember that day? I always imagined myself showing old photos to my children and telling them how happy I was that day while the paper birds swayed above us on a Mayday and showing them my shiny eyes, those emotions imprinted indelibly with colour. Imagine. It will be the only way to understand how much to invest in photography.

The best photographer is, therefore, that one who looks like you , who manages to look inside where the facets of the soul and your feelings are hidden. Its observations and eyes will turn into photography that will accompany you and your future generations for a lifetime.

Do you need a photographer? Our base is on Lake Maggiore in Italy, but we will travel everywhere.

Contattaci ora

Tip # 4

Arrive early. Trust me.

Take all the time and arrive at the shooting moment in perfect relaxation. Organize everything you need the night before, so you don’t have to get up and run to do everything last. Stress and agitation will be seen in the photos. Word to the wise: leave early. Join your session 30 minutes early, so you have time to relax if you have a little way to get there. 

Nobody likes having just finished arguing and then pretending to smile when, in reality, you are anything but relaxed.

It may be a simple tip, but it will save you some stress!

BONUS tip:

Have fun! Laugh.

Leave the stress and worries at home and choose joy and fun!


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