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Katharina is a new mother. She and her husband became parents for the first time 3 months ago. When they contacted me, they had never been to Lake Maggiore.

As I usually do, I asked if they had a preference for the place of the experience but not knowing the place, they relied on my knowledge.

I decided to take them to discover Isola Madre, in honor of the fact that Katharina had become a mother for the first time.

To get to Isola Madre, we chose a private boat that took us to the island from Stresa.

During the journey, we chatted about many things: from their life in Regensburg, their holiday, to being parents.

it was a beautiful afternoon.

For my part, I am honored to photograph the families, a part of me will be present in the life of this family, and by leafing through the holiday album will remember the experience, the moments lived together, and the little one will have the opportunity to see each other again. as a child, remember of this onesie handmade by his grandmother.

All precious memories that must not be forgotten.

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