Nisida Studio Photography was born from Carol and Antonio love.
Both professional photographers. Carol is the first vacation photographer in Italy and Travel Designer for Nisida Photo Travels. Antonio is a naturalistic and landscape photographer and teaches in the Workshops and Photo Travels.

A small island in Greek translates to Nisida (Nesida).
Why Nisida? We met in Naxos in Greece in 2014.

“On an August day we met and liked each other; two lines were enough, a meeting of glances and since then we have never lost sight of each other, we have dreamed for a long time talking about what we love and what excites us and unites us: photography and travel.”


“We were two strangers, each with their own lives going on. Two strangers who find themselves for different reasons in the same place at the same time: on a small Greek


We are experienced travellers and photographers, always up to date on the latest news, attentive and curious about what is happening in the world, unstoppable explorers with Wanderlust syndrome.

We photograph the world in all its nuances; every trip, every shot has a story, and we want to tell it.

Our home studio is based in Ghiffa on the shores of the charming Lake Maggiore; here, we live immersed in nature together with our mascot Holly, our dog, assistant of each of our new explorations.

We have created two areas dedicated to tourism: Capture my Travel, a personal photographer for holidays and Photography Travels, Photography Workshops in Italy and abroad, as well as Photography Days on Lake Maggiore that reflect our dreams, desires and above all, our soul.

We collaborate with tour operators and expert guides to make each trip a unique and inimitable experience. We will not be only “your photographers”. We will be your guides, your travel and adventure companions.

Are you ready to go with us?

“Images also have words; they tell stories, express concepts and make memories indelible. Capture my travel takes care of writing your dream holiday’s story! Whether it’s your family vacation or honeymoon, or engagement. Our reportages are designed to describe your travel story at best “.

Carol | Capture My Travel

“We don’t want to be the usual tourists; we want to grasp what a place has to offer fully; in every nuance, this is the basis of every photography journey.”

Antonio | Nisida Photo Travel