I met Viviana, a local blogger, during her #iosonolocal project. I liked the initiative right from the start, and I contacted Viviana to tell her about Nisida.

As we talked, a beautiful feeling immediately born and led us to live a photography experience together.

Capture my travel was born with the idea of ​​following couples, families, friends, travellers during the most important moments of life. From pre-wedding trips to honeymoons to family trips to the journey of dreams. Real trips, those to discover oneself, local culture, breathtaking landscapes.

This pandemic does not allow us to travel outside Italy, but this has led to a new awareness and travel culture, the “staycation“. To discover our territory, which in our case is Lake Maggiore.

And what better occasion than with the founder of @lagomaggioreblog?

The soul of Capture my Travel is to capture moments, like a picnic overlooking the lake.

Viviana and Giacomo love to spend time outdoors and discover places not beaten by the crowd where you can spend unique and relaxing moments. Stay close, slowly breathe while observing the surrounding nature in an area that makes you feel relaxed, at peace with yourself and with the world, that lets you experience the intimacy of the moment.

And now, here are the best photos of this experience:

A romantic picnic at sunset.

I tried a fantastic photography experience in Cannero Riviera.
I had no idea what it meant. Through a cognitive interview, we highlighted the things that Giacomo and I love most, so the idea of a romantic picnic at sunset was born with extreme simplicity. Laying was not complicated because everything was made simple and natural. I had never thought of such an experience. Now that I have tried it, I can only tell each couple to pose for a personalized shooting, to contact Nisida studio because they are earnest, kind and full of ideas. The memory that remains is unique, and reviewing the photos is truly an indescribable emotion. Thank you so much.

Viviana G. @lagomaggioreblog

And you? Are you ready for a photoshoot experience with Capture my Travel?

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