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Have you long dreamed the trip you are about to make? Have you made tons of lists of places to visit? Did you create boards on Pinterest or did you follow hashtags on Instagram to make sure not to miss anything? Your trip deserves more than selfies!

Occasions like honeymoons, anniversaries, family holidays, solo adventures and even surprise proposals are perfect moments to capture – or simply because you believe that memories are the best souvenir and connecting with a local is part of the magic of travel.

I’m here to help you plan your fabulous shoot and assist you with any questions you may have along the way.


Below, find my 7-step guide on how to book your photo shoot.

#1. Inquire 

Send me an email to check my availability for your travel dates. Let me know in which area you would like to have the photos taken and all the details of what you are looking for. Within 24-48 hours I’ll let you know if I’m available for your travel dates.

#2. Book your experience

You can officially book and reserve your shoot by signing a contract & paying a 40% deposit.

#3. Choose the photo shoot location

Once you’ll have signed the contract, I’ll send you a tailor made list of routes in the area you’ll have chosen & I’ll help you plan a fabulous shoot!

#4. Finalize the shoot plan

I’ll confirm the game plan with you and send you a summary with all of your session details, including the start time for best lighting, our meeting spot with a google maps link, and my phone number for last minute emergencies.

#5. Photo shoot day

Meet up with me 5 minutes before your shoot to go over your goals, and then it’s all about having fun!

#6. Choose the photos

I’ll make a first selection of the photos and within approximately 15 days after your shoot, you’ll get a private gallery that you will use to select the photos you would like to receive.

#7. Get your memories

Once the selection is done, I’ll edit your favourite photos and send them back to you in approximately 15 days. You will receive at home a beautiful wooden box with 10×15 prints and a USB with your digital files that you can download and share with your loved ones.

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Couple photoshoot Mottarone, Lake Maggiore


You probably have a few questions before taking a decision to book me

I’ve gathered all the frequently asked questions and shared some answers that can help you decide whether we’re a good fit.

Should you need any further information please don’t hesitate to write me!

Request Information

Where are you based?

I’m based on Lake Maggiore, but I travel all over Italy and Europe. I love ancient villages that no one knows about, the wildest mountains and windy beaches, where the light is magic and you can feel the breeze on your skin. I can chase you wherever you are.

How’s your working style?

Spontaneous, gentle, refined, with a touch of fine-art and fashion. I adore natural light and have mastered over the years ways to manipulate it. During the photo shoot I give you my best advice on poses and make you feel relaxed yet looking at your best. I believe that beauty is in simplicity captured elegantly.

Do you work alone?

It depends on availability. I usually photograph with Antonio the other half of Nisida Studio, my partner in life, adventures and work. This allows us to have an intimate and easy approach with people in front of the camera.

We’re not familiar with the area we’re traveling to. Could you advise on locations?

Of course! I will send you my tailor made selection of the most beautiful locations in the area you will have chosen for your photo shoot and all the information on the best time of the day for every place.

What if we’re awkward in photos? Can you work with that?

Don’t worry, most of my clients are shy or feel awkward in front of a camera. I will guide you through all the process, helping you look at your best while feeling natural & relaxed.

What happens if it’s raining?

I’m ready to shoot in light rain or shine and I will be in touch before the photo shoot to discuss the weather. I can never guarantee my availability on other dates and times except the one booked, but I always do my very best to reschedule if the weather makes the photo shoot impossible.

How long in advance should I book my shoot?

I suggest you book at least 2 weeks in advance, although I will attempt to accommodate last minute requests (but no promises). The ideal time frame to ensure you get your preferred time/date is at least 4-5 weeks in advance.

Can I purchase extra time while in the middle of a shoot?

Of course! If you want to keep going, and I am also free, you can pay the additional charge afterwards. Each additional hour increment is Euro 150 and you will receive 10 extra photos.

Can I choose which photos I receive in my gallery?

Of course! I’ll make a first selection of the photos and within approximately 5 days after your shoot, you’ll get a private gallery that you will use to select the photos you would like to receive.

What size are the photos?

Print photos are 10×15 and your digital files are in high resolution (6000px long side) and web resolution (web use). If you have a specific size requirement for a special project, please let me know when you book!

What format will I receive my photos in?

Photos in your online gallery and high resolution link are provided in JPEG format. Please note that under no circumstances I am able to provide RAW format files.

Do I own the photos?

You have the rights to use the photos for personal use (not commercial). Print them, share them and hopefully hang them on your wall. I would like to showcase your photos in my portfolio, but if you are shy, or prefer to keep them private, just let me know and I will never post anything publicly. I retain the copyright.

Can I buy all of the shots that you took?

I edit all the photos with utmost care, so that the final product has achieved its best color and light output, and for this reason I usually don’t deliver unedited files. But you can buy extra edited photos, they cost Euro 10 per photo.

What kind of photo editing is included in my package?

My style is typically candid and natural with outdoor lighting. You will receive all photos carefully and individually edited by me, following my own style. I will provide only basic editing, such as colour balance and cropping. Photoshopping or extensive editing is not included. For more details about this, please email me.

I shoot in raw format. This means that every photo is in an unedited, raw state that allows me the most control in the post-processing stage. A raw image is a very large file that contains only basic data that cannot be viewed outside the back of the camera unless you have special editing software. (And if you do look at it through the back of a camera, you will notice that it appears rather greyish and washed out – often nothing like what the final version will look like.) An image must go from the raw stage to another format, like jpg, in order to be presentable. Think of a raw file in terms of cooking: if you ordered a cake, a baker would never just hand you the eggs, flour and butter, but would take those ingredients, mix them up and bake them in order to present you with the final, delicious product. A raw file from a camera is much the same – a detailed data file with basic but important information that will be “baked” in the post-processing stage.

Will you share my photos online without asking permission first?

Absolutely not. I fully respect your choice on whether to share. Any photos you see on our site are from customers who have told us ‘in writing’ that we can share their photos online.

How will you deliver the photos?

When the editing process is done, I will deliver all the final images via a wooden box directly to your home with printed and digital files.


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