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The reasons why you should take the photographer with you on your next trip or vacation:

1) Be In As Many Photos As You Want

It happened to everyone, especially those who have a passion for photography always to be the photographer on duty, who will never be in the pictures but who will still photograph. For me, it has been this way since childhood. The first time I took a photo was with one of my elementary school friends during a trip to the Gran Paradiso, then family trips, trips with friends and in the end, I photographed my travels, but unfortunately, I’ve never been there. That is the price to pay when you want to capture special moments, but you are the only one who has the camera in hand at the time. What if you were there for your next trip in these special moments to frame?

2) Professional experience

You can take photos of your children while they look at the camera and smile without having to draw their attention, take 3000 pictures per second to find one without your eyes closed or with faces. I worked for the tourist villages during my early years as a professional and speaking from experience; it can be challenging, especially with more than

a child. That is when the knowledge and expertise of a professional photographer are advantageous. They know how to make children smile and look at the camera. They know the best angles and also the best lighting. They can also guide you on how to pose, where to stay and more. Rest assured, you are in good hands!

3) High-quality photos, even printed!

A photograph is forever; that moment will never repeat. That is what I love most, and that’s why I believe in the printed paper power and memories albums. Thanks to them, we can know more about our roots. We are romantic, and we love printed paper! That’s our vision.

Billions of photos taking during the holidays which are then left in the camera’s memory until you need to download them for another occasion. Still, in all cases, the times we start publishing our photos holidays are rare, and we print them to keep them forever. We are lazy, taken from a thousand things of our daily life and, despite all the good intentions during the holidays, we never collect the memories of our holidays. Capture my Travel, not only captures your best moments but, allows you to keep them forever through our albums.

4) Be light and carefree

Do you spend all your time before leaving to find the perfect locations and photo spots?

Do you usually use Google to find the best places to take pictures? And then when you get there, you can’t pinpoint exactly where the best site is. Hiring a photographer takes the stress out of looking for all of this. Often we are busy looking for details we don’t focus on place beauty and moments. By choosing us with you, we will make sure to plan everything, already recommending some locations. The only thing you have to do then enjoys the moment and savour the magic of the place.

5) Lifetime Memories

Not only will you have beautiful photos in the best locations by a professional, but you will always have the truest and authentic memories of your life. You will never forget this trip and the emotions you felt while looking at the photos. The precious moments you shared, the things you laughed at and much more. In a few years, perhaps your children, taking the pictures in their hands, will look back and see how much they have grown. Don’t let time erase your best memories. Immortalize them with us. We will not be just your photographers; we will be your travel companions, adventure, laughter, maybe at the end of the trip, you also considered us your friends.


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